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Travel on business class around Italy on Italo. When you choose the Italo business class tickets you'll get optimum comfort, entertainment and quiet spaces to work. Italo trains are equipped with everything you need and our NTV staff is always there to help. Look forward to your next Italo buness class travel!

Flexible fares

If you want the best business class deals, first class train tickets or the lowest Italian rail fares, Italo has a wide range of ticket options to meet your needs.

BASIC service
Enjoy complete flexibility, unlimited changes to passenger name, date and time of travel, and carriage ambience up until the time of departure.

Did something come up and you’re going to be late to the train? BASIC Italo tickets offer an extra hour of time (“ExtraTempo”) to change your ticket to the next available train. This service is only available in departure stations. Please find a member of the NTV staff with mobile devices for help.


ECONOMY service
This ticket is the best value for money and offers limited flexibility to business travellers. Make unlimited changes upon departure for a small fee (10 percent of the ticket price).

Internet SERVICE

Want to stay connected on board? To use the Italo internet service, simply log on to the Italo web portal from your PC or portable device using either a temporary username and password, sent to you by text message, or your username and password.

Club class: taking service to THE NEXT LEVEL

If you’re looking for top quality business class travel, book your ticket in the Club carriage. This section includes two private spaces of four seats