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Italo high speed trains link: Turin-Salerno, calling at Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Naples, Salerno and Venice-Naples, calling at Padua, Bologna, Florence and Rome.


Italo serves the most touristic cities in Italy, from North to South, from East to West.
Italo connects 13 italian cities and 16 stations via three grand routes:

  • Turin - Salerno
  • Venice - Salerno

The daily frequency of the side routes :

  • Milan/Rome (No stop): 3 journeys per day
  • Milan/Bologna/Florence/Rome: 13 journeys per day
  • Milan/Bologna: 17 journeys per day
  • Bologna/Florence: 18 journeys per day
  • Florence/Rome : 19 journeys per day
  • Rome/Naples: 11 journeys per day
  • Naples/Salerno: 3 journeys per day
  • Turin/Milan: 8 journeys per day
  • Venice/Rome: 5 journeys per day

Italo + TGV: from France to Italy

With TGV + Italo, travel from France to Italy. All by train!

  1. Depart from Paris or Lyon to Milan or Turin

  2. From Milan or Turin, take Italo and let your Italian trip begin!


  • Paris - Rome from 77€(1)
  • Paris - Bologna from 49€(1)
  • Paris - Florence from 59€(1)
  • Lyon - Bologna from 49€(1)