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Heading out on an Italo train journey? Perhaps you’re wondering, “Can I take my bike on the train?” or “What about large hand luggage?” Never fear -- Italo has got you covered. All you need to do is place your luggage, bike or other belongings on the dedicated racks with a tag stating your contact details, and you’re ready to go! Read on for more information about hand luggage allowance, taking bikes on trains and more.


Bring everything you need when you travel on Italo:

  • Small bags and hand luggage can be placed in the overhead storage racks
  • Larger suitcases can be held in the special storage areas located at the end of each carriage
  • There are no weight limits on Italo, but please remember to label all your luggage before you leave home.

Bicycles & other items

Taking your bike or other large items on the train? Please place your bicycle in a bag before travelling or if you have a folding bicycle, that’s fine too. Make sure to label all large items clearly and place them in the dedicated storage areas:

  • Larger pieces of luggage (bikes, skis, push chairs and surf boards) can be placed in the storage spaces at the end of each carriage

Please remember: NTV is not responsible for theft, lost luggage or damage due to improper storage or unsuitable contents.