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Casa Italo services center

Already bought your Italo train tickets and ready to take advantage of NTV staff and comfortable carriages? For everything you need to know about taking the train in Italy, turn to Casa Italo. Located in all major train stations offering Italo train service, the Casa Italo service centre is a reference point for all travellers. You’ll know Casa Italo by its innovative design, thanks to internationally renowned architect Stefano Boeri.

Casa Italo services

At Casa Italo, you’ll find the following special services:

  • Welcome desk for information and assistance
  • Lounge area with comfortable seating and free wifi access while you wait for your train
  • Italy train schedules: keep an eye on the screens showing up-to-date arrival and departure information 
  • Car hire, taxi reservation and additional complimentary services

Are you a Club travelLer?

If you’re a Club traveller, you can take advantage of even more services from Casa Italo. At the Milan Porta Garibaldi and Roma Ostiense stations, you can enjoy the following:

  • Sofas and armchairs
  • TVs
  • A bar area
  • Washroom service
  • Arrival and departure boards