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Looking for smart, simple service for the best price? Book a train ticket for Italo smart class, to travel around Italy in good comfort. You don’t have to skimp on service when you travel with Smart -- you’ll still get the best of our NTV staff and the comfortable carriages you’ve come to expect with Italo.

Comfort & Convenience

An Italian rail journey has never been so much fun! With an Italo Smart ticket, you’ll get more leg room, reclining seats in sleek leather and an individual table to read, work or eat. 


Getting a little bored on the train? Opt for the Smart Cinema carriage -- there are 39 seats with eight high-definition, 19-inch screens to enjoy your favourite movies during your trip.

You’ll also get free wifi and access to the Italo Live web portal. Travelling by train has never been more fun!


If you’re feeling hungry or thirsty during your travel, head to carriage 7. You’ll find a snack area with vending machines offering coffee and other beverages, plus a quality food service. Choose from one of the three Italobox meal options prepared by Eataly’s top chefs.


Love movies? When you travel with a Smart ticket, you have the option of travelling in the Cinema carriage.

If you want entertainment, comfort and privacy, the Cinema carriage is the perfect choice for you. Sit back in one of the 39 seats located at the front or back of the train, and enjoy movies and entertainment on one of the eight 19-inch, high definition screens. Headphones are provided by Italo staff.

The Cinema carriage knows how you travel:

  • Heading out on a short train trip? Does your train make frequent stops? The Medusa films and current affairs programming available in the Cinema carriage are scheduled so that you’re sure to finish your show by the time you get off the train.
  • Direct trains between Milan and Rome offer screenings of Medusa’s best films. Programming will be announced in advance.