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One of the best things about travelling with Italo is the friendly, competent staff, who are there to make your next Italian rail journey a truly memorable one. Italo staff must complete a program with the NTV Training School and pass through a rigorous hiring process, ensuring that you get get top-notch service. When you board the train, the English-speaking Italo crew will do everything it can to make your trip as comfortable and relaxing as possible!

Welcome on board!

One of the secrets of great rail travel is having a truly great staff. We take railway jobs seriously at Italo: Train Managers and hosts must complete a full-length preparation course and pass a final exam before joining the Italo team.
Every traveller has different needs and that’s why Italo staff is on hand to help make your journey more pleasant. Each Italo train has a team of five people on board, each with different tasks:

Train Manager:
Known as the train leader, the Train Manager is the reference point for all passengers during travel. They are responsible for overall safety, staff and services.

Train Specialist:
Train Specialists ensure proper functioning of services on board the train as well as customer satisfaction.

Whether you need to order a meal or get more information during your train journey, you can always turn to our friendly, competent onboard staff.